The Community

"The community stagnates without the impulse of the individual.
The impulse dies away without the interest of the community."

People conjure up great ideas all the time. But not many actually do something about them. And of those who do, precious few share their hard work with the people living around them. For some extraordinary reason, the Chippewa Valley seems to be flooded with these rare people – people willing to offer up their time and talent in an attempt to make awesome things happen (though we could always use more). They are the ones who take action.

In the case of Volume One, we’ve been mighty lucky to work with some of the area’s most gifted and generous artists. Local writers, photographers, illustrators, and creators of every kind have helped build the foundation on which Volume One stands. When they’re not busy giving us something to talk about, they help us do the talking. And they are just one small part of a much larger crowd.

That big quotation up above was penned by a smart man named William James. And we couldn’t agree with it more. Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen local men and women crawl out on rickety limbs and reach for something big, because there’s a burning inside their chest whispering, “Now is the time. This is the place.” And we’ve seen this community leap from its couches to stand behind those brave neighbors – the individuals willing to do something new – because they are fascinated by what might lie ahead. They start businesses and make art. They create events and voice ideas. Or, they simply participate. If people like these continue to make the Chippewa Valley their home, there will always be an atmosphere of possibility. There will always be something worth talking about.

And there will always be Volume One, ready and willing to show interest.