The Leaders

Mike Huggins & Kerry Kincaid

Long-Time City Officials Who Have Worked to
Unite Our Community

In an age of political volatility and division, Eau Claire has been blessed with dedicated leaders like Mike Huggins and Kerry Kincaid. Mike came to our community in 1985 as the city’s community development director, became assistant city manager in 1991, and then city manager in 2006 before retiring this winter. Kerry, meanwhile, started in local politics as a board supervisor with the Town of Washington (1992-95) before segueing into Eau Claire, where she’s served on the county housing authority (98-08), city plan commission (00-04), and city council (at-large 04-07, vice president 07-09, president 09-present).

They’ve worked together on major initiatives in the past decade, including Phoenix Park development, downtown planning, community forums, Clear Vision and other strategic plans, and their efforts for civility in governance and diversifying communication with constituents have been highlighted at the state and national levels.

They’re progressive leaders who have staunchly stood behind our downtown, our public transportation, our rivers, our history, our arts, and our culture, all while keeping our tendencies to be fiscally conservative and environmentally conscious in mind. They’re likewise approachable figures who love more than anything to listen to residents talk about what’s important to them, and who constantly strive to find new and better ways to hear more.

They’re respectful and kind people, who aren’t going to spout off partisan agendas and divide the community, but rather invite everyone to a collective and ongoing conversation about what’s best for our area’s future. They’re also humble and hard-working figures, with Mike promising to stay active with community-building efforts and Kerry, upon hearing we wanted to include her, promising to do more to in her coming presidential term to warrant the high praise.

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