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local canine celebs








Daphni K-9 Officer
Age: 1 ½
Breed: German Shepard and Malinois
Biggest bust: Reverse-tracked a suspect peeking in windows
Favorite chew toy: Kong with rope
Specialty: Excels in tracking and finding drugs with Officer Patrick Meyer












Franko K-9 Officer
Age: 6
Breed: German Shepard
Biggest Bust: 26 pounds of marijuana, $10,000 cash, and a gun
Favorite Chew Toy: Tug toy, which is a reward for finding drugs
Specialty: Working patrol with Officer Wisener for tracking and finding drugs










Moon Pie Actor
Age: 4 months
Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever
Big Break: May see some time on TV’s Las Vegas
Favorite Chew Toy: Her owner, screenwriter Kim Newton, bought a kong machine that places treats in a kong and disperses them on a timer
Specialty: Eye candy, but hopes to get some dialogue and stunt work