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• If you’re tired of entertaining your hyperactive pet, try purchasing a laser pointer and watch your pet chase that sucker all over the place.
• Cats love anything that dangles, and they don’t entirely understand the concept of TV, so record an image of a dangling piece of string and watch them go to town.
• Cats do not have nine lives; they have more like seven.
• It is illegal to own a pet hamster in Australia, as they fear their escape will lead to feral pests.
• There are such things as hamster shows.
• You can’t find a giant hamster water bottle to keep near your own bed, but American Gladiators have created giant hamster globes for human use.
• One of the rarest breeds of cats is the Jellicle tribe. Some members, such as Macavity, Rumpleteazer, and Mr. Mistoffelees, were spotted in Eau Claire in 2006.
• It is illegal to have a pet gerbil or ferret in California.
• David Carradine (Kung Fu, Kill Bill) has a pet ferret.
• Ferrets sleep more than 14 hours a day.
• Londoners used trained ferrets to run TV and sound cables down conduits for the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
• One flea can bite your dog 200 times in one day.
• Of the 5 million dog bite victims each year, children comprise more than 60 percent, followed by mail carriers and the elderly.
• A rule of thumb for how many fish to keep in an aquarium is one inch of fish per gallon of water.
• Finding Nemo, a movie that positions itself against the capture of ocean creatures for aquariums, helped make clown fish and blue tangs two of the most popular types of fish in saltwater aquariums.
• Pet turtles and tortoises are often shipped in inadequate conditions and sometimes die before reaching sellers.
• It is illegal to sell red-eared sliders (one of the most popular pet turtles) in Florida.
• George Clooney once owned a 300-pound pot-bellied pig.
• Miniature horses are trained as service animals much like guide dogs.
• There is an ongoing debate of whether a miniature horse should carry the moniker of horse or pony.
• There are 152 million fish, 88 million cats, 75 million dogs, 24 million small animals, 16 million birds, 14 million horses, and 13 million reptiles as pets in the U.S.