Back To School

Volume One’s celebration of education, because knowledge is power!

V1 Staff

  That’s right, kids. It’s that time of the year again – the end of the shimmering summer sun and late bedtimes, and the beginning of dissatisfying brown-bag lunches and aromatic rides in long yellow vehicles. But, alas, all is not lost. Volume One’s got you saved by the bell. Though sans Kelly Kapowski, this ultimate resource has a lot going for it, from tips to stylize your living quarters and hot shopping items to a guide to downtown and unusual clubs. So while you’re trying to look awake during lectures, plop this sucker on your gum-covered desk and longingly cleave its signature-laden, college-ruled pages. 


Editor/Writer/Photographer: Trevor Kupfer

Contributors: O.J. Hornung, Claire Jeffries, Robin Kinderman, Karline Koehler, Mark Koenig, Mike Paulus, Eric Rasmussen, Emily Thierfelder, and Abi Zimmer.

Photos: Ashley Dziuk, Jesse Johnson, Andrea Paulseth, and Sarah Word.
Design: Brian Moen

Thanks to all the contributors’ moms and/or dads for sending us embarrassing yearbook photos.


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