A Year for the (Face)Books

a Facebook News Feed-style year in local sports review

Luc Anthony

There are plenty of ways to recap a year. Top 10 lists. Chronological paragraphs. Fast-edited video vignettes. Therefore, the challenge at Athletic Aesthetic was to find a way to review 2008 in a way never before attempted, at least not in the pages of Volume One. I have found such a way: a Facebook News Feed.

The idea was inspired by a posting you can find at mcsweeneys.net, featuring Shakespeare’s Hamlet re-written in the form of a Facebook News Feed. Immediately recognizing excellence where I see it, I knew I had to, uh, rip off this idea for one of my columns. It was September, and I had the perfect topic: the then-ongoing collapse of the Milwaukee Brewers from a formerly solid playoff berth. Alas, the Brewers had to ruin my column idea by coming back from the edge of the abyss and winning the Wild Card slot, but that only meant the Facebook column could be used for a bigger and better topic – like a year-in-review.

Therefore, I now present the last year-in-review you will read about 2008; except, imagine you’re reading this once you’ve logged into Facebook. Read along, check out the status updates, see who became friends with whom, who wrote on others’ walls, who joined which group, and more from the social circle that was 2008 in Wisconsin sports:

    January 13: The Green Bay Packers love snow, and are looking forward to another Ice Bowl next week.

    January 20: Plaxico Burress wrote on Al Harris’ Wall: “I’d write more, but I’m busy trying to catch my 12th pass.”

    March 1: Memorial Old Abes Hockey are the champions, my friend.

    March 4: Brett Favre hates goodbyes.

    March 6: North Huskies Boys Basketball wonders why do we always run into people from Wauwatosa when we go to Madison?

    March 8: Eleva-Strum High School joined the group “Same-Season Football & Basketball Title Winners” (1 member).

    March 15: Flambeau Girls Basketball joined the group “Three-Peat” (26 members).

    March 28: The Wisconsin Badgers Mens Basketball Team became a fan of “Stephen Curry.”
    May 19: Luc Anthony joined Facebook.

    May 19: The UW-Eau Claire Blugolds Softball Team ARE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!

    June 26: Richard Jefferson joined the group “ Official Milwaukee Bucks Facebook Group” (683 members).

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