Catchin' More Air Time

my awesome evening with the TV-13 sports crew, Part Deux

Luc Anthony

Part 1 of my night following the SportsScene 13 crew concluded with Bob Gallaher and me returning from shooting video from several games for that night’s 10pm news. Part 2 is now on the clock.

We’re back at 8:52, with Matt Cullen having returned 10 minutes earlier from Augusta and Fall Creek. Cullen is off to the newsroom to finish his editing, while Gallaher takes over the editing machine to work on his four games. All the while, another tape machine is recording the Wisconsin-Minnesota mens’ hockey game.

This is when the sports folks get quiet: working on the the editing, score taking, tape numbering, and script writing required to make the 10pm broadcast happen. No one will take a brief break until after the show, yet I never feel as though anyone is in much of a rush, and no task seems likely to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into the preparation time. Tick tick tick tick tick ...

A run-down of what happens between 9 and 10:15: each staffer (on-air talent and photographers) edits each game they shot to 25-30 seconds of highlights, using a digital machine that saves their edits and copies them to a new tape. The scripts already include game intros; in the space between each scheduled highlight, notes about actual game action are jotted down so each highlight has a narrative.

At 9:17, Cullen takes 14 minutes to do another show – he’s the sports anchor for Fox News At 9 (TV-13 staffs and produces the 9 o’clock news on Fox 25/48). The Badger-Gopher hockey game wraps at 9:20, and that game will be edited in the following minutes. The 10pm newscast directors double-check at 9:31 who all will be on set for SportsScene 13.

Then, at 9:35, comes the fun task of the night: listening to all the final-score messages left on the sports department phone. Scores come from as far away as LaFarge and Tomahawk, and not all messages specify which sports are being referred to. Gallaher and Cullen take turns listening to the messages, a 15-minute process in total. Meanwhile, Matt Queen returns from Hudson at 9:46 to start editing the North highlights, as Gallaher types scores into the sports ticker and the main TV screen graphics.

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