Connecting Your Business to the World Map

Raquel Dorf

The Eau Claire Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is gearing up to help small businesses grow their online network with a “Let’s Put Eau Claire On The Map” workshop. The event will take place on January 13 at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library from 6 to 8pm. At the workshop, business owners will learn to create and personalize their own website and domain name, and to list their business on Google Maps. The workshop is a branch off of Google’s Get Your Business Online program. It’s designed to help small- and medium-sized businesses incorporate online marketing in their sales in order to enhance business growth, empower communities to support their local businesses, and encourage them to get on the online map. For business owners who are unable to attend the workshop, Google makes it super easy to sign up for the free online program by themselves. With this easy how-to guide and a few simple clicks, a business can be added to the online map in minutes. Consumers are always searching online for the best businesses, so make sure they are able to find and connect with our local businesses on Google Maps and in Google searches. According to the SBCD, 97% of consumers look online for local goods and services, but only a staggering 37% of businesses have claimed a local business listing on a search engine. This program is an initiative to help bridge this gap, and strengthen local businesses.


1. Visit the website
1a. Type your business name in the search bar
1b. Follow the super-easy online steps to add your business on the list
1c. Enter your business’s information
2. Verify your account
2a. Wait to receive a call or postcard from Google to confirm your business
2b. Go online and enter in your PIN code from the call or postcard
3. Manage your online business
3a. Follow online tutorial to add all the appropriate information (phone numbers, address, hours of operation and photos)
3b. Regularly check up on account to keep information up-to-date

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