Note from the Editor | April 5, 2016

Nick Meyer, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Last weekend, after a five-year hiatus, Volume One brought back our April Fools’ Day Pillow Fight, this time in the courtyard of the new Oxbow Hotel in Eau Claire. It was a gorgeous, sunny, 60-degree day. Hordes of people turned out for the fun – many in costumes ranging from a big yellow chicken to a jump-suited Elvis – as the five minutes of feathery fury made its triumphant return for a crowd of more than 300 fighters and spectators. At first glance, the Pillow Fight is a ridiculous and relatively pointless way to spend an afternoon. But at second glance, well … it’s still pretty much just ridiculous. But it’s also a great way to declare an official end to the cabin fever that can come with a long Wisconsin winter, right? And maybe a healthy exercise in our community not taking itself too seriously? Not sure. For real though, there must be some kind of justification for why we’ve done this eight times now. And if you know what that might be, let us know. Regardless, it did feel good to get out there and blow off some steam. So thank you if you joined us in the ridiculousness. And thanks to the handful of local organizations that help out in small ways to bring the whole thing to life: Kaleidoscope Entertainment, The Oxbow Hotel, Visit Eau Claire, Huebsch Services, Rhom Construction, and SpinVision. Maybe we’ll see y’all again next year?

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