Restaurant Week Heats Up

Nick Meyer

People in the Chippewa Valley, much like anywhere, love going out to eat. And if you’re one of them have we got just the thing for you. In this issue we’re rolling out more information on the first ever Restaurant Week, held September 15-24, launched by Volume One along with CVTC’s new Culinary Management Program. On page 14, you’ll see a spread that includes the early adopter restaurants that have signed up to take part (with plenty more to be announced soon), along with news on the First Taste event that will kick it all off on Thursday, September 14. Restaurant Week is a new culinary tradition that gives you access to special menus, offerings, great deals, and invites you to attend a handful of unique food-themed events that raise money for community causes. Our growing food scene has a lot to celebrate, but there’s always room for improvement and this event can help explore what that might look like. But most importantly it’s an event that encourages people to leave their comfort zones and check out a whole range of types and styles of restaurants, including some smaller independent spots we need for our food culture to thrive. Plenty of fun details about Restaurant Week will be announced in the coming weeks, but in the meantime get September 15-24 on your calendar. Then follow Chippewa Valley Restaurant Week on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned to as it starts to get updated with menus, events, and later this summer.

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