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Green Park Twin Homes

Whether by lifestyle choice, affordability, or neighborly vibes, these twin homes are some of the best.


“We care about what we do and we really care about that end product,” says Steve Wurzer.

Wurzer is one half of the team at Wurzer Builders, Inc. alongside his partner, Steve Wiggins. They’re a pair of complete professionals and home building experts who work hard to bring dream homes into reality. The duo is tireless (“We don’t slow down,” Wiggins says) as they outfit new neighborhoods all over the Valley with impressive homes, handling the whole process from start to completion with determined enthusiasm.

Green Park Twin Homes is a flourishing twin home development off Jeffers Road on the northern edge of Eau Claire, and it’s coming together quickly. Road construction started across the street from the brand new ballparks at Jeffers Park in the fall of 2016, and by the spring of 2017, there were several finished twin homes already for sale. Clearly Wurzer and Wiggins work fast, but they aren’t sloppy. Every detail is crucial.

There are tons of advantages to owning a twin home. Some take the plunge as a lifestyle choice, some do it for the affordability (a brand new Green Park twin home starts in the $170’s), but it goes further. This particular neighborhood has a homeowners association in place which takes care of lawn maintenance, snow removal, and fertilizing.

As of this writing, 12 of the 26 structures (meaning 24 of 52 total units) in Green Park are built – and most of the completed ones are bought and spoken for already. But right now, if you wanted to, you could go look at three completed units and buy one on the spot or customize one of the new units currently under construction. By midsummer 2019, all 52 units will be finished.

The neighborhood already has an eclectic mix of buyers moved in, from young single people to couples in their 90s. “We’ve got buyers who are snowbirds, we have buyers that are younger and transitioning from rentals,” Wiggins said. “When I sit down and think, it really is a mix of everybody.”

Whatever your motivation or background, buying a twin home in Green Park is a cost-effective and uniquely cool option. Units are filling up fast, but you can start designing your own brand new or yet-to-be-built unit in Green Park. Call Wurzer Builders to secure your spot in the fast-growing new neighborhood today.

“We’ve got buyers who are snowbirds, we have buyers that are younger and transitioning from rentals.”

– Steve Wiggins, Wurzer Builders, Inc. on the eclectic nature of Green Park Twin

Green Park Twin Homes

Wurzer Builders, Inc.
(715) 577-0092
Off Jeffers Road, Eau Claire


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