Opening the Center

The Center marks fifth anniversary with open house

Abby Norton

As construction season ends and winter approaches, you may find yourself stuck in something of a personal rut. Maybe your back-to-college excitement has worn off or the seemingly endless stream of overcast days has started getting to you. Fortunately, the minds and bodies behind The Center, a community wellness hub dedicated to individual betterment, hope to remedy that. The Center regularly hosts sessions for wellness practices including mindfulness, soul dance, and integrative medicine. Those at The Center encourage folks to take a moment (or a few) to ground themselves and connect with their surroundings. You can even learn a new skill by signing up for a cooking or art class. Hoping to break out of your comfort zone? Perhaps you want to try a “toe reading,” where a practitioner will tell you how the condition of your foot relates to your emotional well-being. In addition to these regularly scheduled sessions, The Center will soon toast to five years of (co)existence by hosting an open house gathering, which will be free to the public. During this celebration of rejuvenation, practitioners will lead experiential 20-minute classes in activities such as yoga, meditation, and pottery. Lucky winners could even bring home a gift basket as part of a giveaway. On baby duty that day? Not to worry: The Center will provide activities for kids, too. Drop by The Center or check out their website ( for more information about what they have to offer. 

The Center 5-Year Anniversary Open House • The Center, 3701 Highway 12 (E. Clairemont Ave.), Eau Claire • Nov. 3, 9am-4pm • (715) 529-7683 •

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