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Mary F. Rufledt, Elite Realty

Dedication to Others

Mary F. Rufledt's success is through giving back.

In the 21 years since Mary F. Rufledt, a licenced broker, got her start as a real estate agent she has seen a lot of change in the industry. Today, buyers and sellers can utilize countless forms of technology to aid in their efforts, from searching online listings to producing 360 degree tours of their homes. But she worries that while these tools have made buying a home easier, they’ve also driven people apart. Texting and emailing has become a commonplace stand-in for face-to-face conversations – Mary still values an old-fashioned, in-person conversation.

“When you get in this business, you are here to help people. The money always comes if you do the right thing. And you must give back.”

Mary F. Rufledt
Elite Realty Group

4410 Golf Terrace Suite 125
Eau Claire

(715) 828-9347

info@maryrufledt.com(info (at) maryrufledt [d0t] com,)


Mary serves the Chippewa Valley and surrounding areas, helping clients purchase and sell homes and properties within about a 3.5 hour drive of Eau Claire. She deals primarily with residential properties, from starter homes up through million-dollar residences. Every single file she works with is different, and she uses her expertise to guide clients to meet their goals.

“Helping people is what really builds any company,” Mary said. Her biggest fear when she set out to start her own real estate firm was that clients would be wary to work with a small, independent company. That fear was quickly eased; her personal approach and commitment to service earned her repeat customers and referrals.

Mary’s dedication to helping others extends from her business outward to her family and her community. A percentage of every commission made in her firm is donated a giving fund and an office fund to give back to the people who help her be a true success.

“When you get in this business, you are here to help people,” Mary said. “The money always comes if you do the right thing. And you must give back.”

Personal wellness is also a priority of Mary’s. She pursues physical fitness through yoga, crossfit, lifting weights, and running. She ran her first marathon when she was 40, and later, participated in her first fitness show at the age of 46.

She credits her successes to her dedicated staff; she couldn't do the job she does without them, the loyal connections she has within the industry, and the teachers and mentors who influenced her throughout her life. Just a few of the many who guided her are teachers Rita Bitney from her junior high days and Greg Boetcher from high school, and her grandmother Mildred LaMeer, who taught her the value of hard work and family.

Mary will always be grateful to those who have helped her on her way, she said. “As much as we think we are rockstar agents, we are only as good as the people who are around us.”

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