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Nate Moquin, RE/MAX Affiliates

It’s All About the Process

Nate Moquin stays focused and organized every step of the way to take out the guesswork of buying or selling your home.

From the very start, looking at buying or selling a house – especially if it’s your first time – can be immensely stressful. With crowded contracts, multiple agents and entities involved, tons of questions, and a stacked checklist of stuff to do, it’s easy to lose confidence among all the guesswork. It’s a big decision one way or another, and it’s essential to stay on top of it so you get exactly what you want.

“I am a teacher at heart, so I enjoy educating people about how the modern real estate market works, so they can understand how to make wise decisions.”

Nate Moquin
RE/MAX Affliates

4260 Southtowne Dr.
Eau Claire

(715) 831-1488

remaxnate@gmail.com(remaxnate (at) gmail [d0t] com,)


That’s why you need someone on your team to tackle the hard stuff for you, someone to stay organized, someone to stay focused. That’s Nate Moquin over at RE/MAX Affiliates in Eau Claire. He’s the kind of guy who’s well-versed on the tricky stuff, who’s there every step of the way trying to make it easy for you. And hey, you might actually have fun in the process!

“By staying organized and by doing this everyday, we can take most of the burden and stress on for our clients and allow them to actually enjoy the process.” Nate said. “Looking for houses is fun. By teaching clients what to focus on at the beginning, their confidence increases and they can let themselves enjoy the fun parts of the process instead of feeling overwhelmed.”

Nate’s done a little bit of everything. He started his career training to be a flight instructor, then studying to teach social studies. He opened a bar in Lake Hallie called Moke’s (now it’s the Thirsty Badger) and operated it for few years, before selling the business to a frozen pizza company and becoming a Realtor, which he says is the perfect fit.

He finally found his calling at RE/MAX Affiliates, where he works completely autonomously for each and every client. And his personal and focused approach to the work makes him stand out. He’s constantly in contact with his clients, moving them forward ahead in the process, answering questions, even just checking in to say there’s no major updates this week. Even when he’s hanging out with his family, traveling, or playing golf, Nate’s got his phone nearby in case his clients need him.

He takes out the worry, the stress, the anxiety of the buying/selling operation – and you’re bound to learn a lot by working with him too.

“I am a teacher at heart, so I enjoy educating people about how the modern real estate market works so they understand how to make wise decisions,” he said. “I think the time I put into teaching clients how this all works is what sets me apart.”

Nate shows sellers how to squeeze every penny out of their property they can, and he guides buyers on how not to overpay for a property while focusing on getting the one they want. And to keep up with the ever-evolving markets and modernization of real estate, he’s constantly learning and training to best serve everyone he works with.

It’s a crazy process sometimes, but Nate’s got your back. He’s fun to work with and endlessly knowledgeable about all the important stuff that goes into real estate. And if you’re ready to find your dream home without all the stress that comes with it, he’s the right call to make.

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