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Copper Key Home Solutions

Working for Renewal

Audrey & Josh Borcherding buy, restore, sell your home.

For Audrey and Josh Borcherding of Copper Key Home Solutions, everything comes down to family. Real estate is a way to support other families through difficult times while raising their own. It’s a way to show their three children that it’s possible to build a business by following one’s passion and helping others. For the Borcherdings, integrity, honesty, and family are the highest priorities.

“They do top-notch quality work and are thoughtful, friendly and a caring business couple.”

Copper Key Home Solutions

1106 Mondovi Rd. Studio 218
Eau Claire

(877) 496-3939

audrey@copperkeysolutions.com(audrey (at) copperkeysolutions [d0t] com,)


This husband-wife team is dedicated to getting clients through tough situations. They buy houses as-is with cash, significantly decreasing the stress and time it takes to sell a home. This is particularly useful for those who are approaching foreclosure, who have experienced a death in the family, who are going through divorce, or who have just had a difficult time selling. “With any kind of challenging life situation, we’re able to step in and let people know all the choices,” Audrey said.

Audrey and Josh got their start in rental real estate with a four-unit property. Over time, Audrey became a licensed broker and eventually they expanded their business to include purchasing and renovating homes, and quickly saw the need for for a firm that was able to offer sellers every option available to sell their homes speedily and without stress.

“We realized that there was a niche to fill, and if we were going to do it we were going to do it all the way,” Audrey said. She and Josh adjusted their business to focus primarily on those clients, and brought on licenced agent April Sydow to handle traditional sales and homebuyers.

When the Borcherdings purchase a home, they take it as-is – even full of furniture and other items. They hire local contractors to renovate and update the place for resale, taking the burden off of the original owner to clean out and update the home.

“It’s kind of fun to take an old house and refresh it and give it new life and have someone love it,” Audrey said. “And have the person who sold it see that it’s been renewed, and not lost.”

They have contractors who they have worked with for more than eight years, even trusting them with their own homes. They know that the finished product will be beautiful and last a long time. “We are proud to be able to provide work to other people who are experts in what they’re doing,” Josh said.

Beyond the business, the Borcherdings are active members of the Eau Claire community. Audrey is a member of the Women’s Giving Circle and both she and Josh are very active in their church. Josh also helped to establish WISCO REIA, a real estate networking group. It’s the connection with others in the community that drives them in their work.

“Our greatest reward is helping people in tough real estate situations with respect and empathy,” Josh said. “Making homes beautiful and profits are important but still secondary to the relationships and connections we get to make with clients.”

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