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Property Shoppe Realty LLC

Focused on Local

Shannyn and Andraya are a dedicated part of the downtown EC business community.

It’s easy to tell from a visit to Property Shoppe’s office or from a scroll of their Facebook feed that there’s something hoppin’ about this locally owned, woman-led real estate agency. Owners Shannyn Pinkert and Andraya Albrecht have dedicated themselves to taking a modern, excited approach to real estate, and it shows.

“She and I have a lot of the same kind of interests, same values and ethics, and the same outlook on how real estate should work.”

While Property Shoppe is a little more than a year old, Shannyn and Andraya have decades of experience in real estate and finance between them. Andraya got her start as a personal assistant, working as a licensed residential appraiser before settling into real estate. Shannyn worked in banking for several years after graduating from UW-Eau Claire, but was never fully satisfied with the gig. It was buying her first home that led her to a passion for real estate.

“I love the history, I love family,” Shannyn said. “I think the core values that are behind home ownership are what attracted me to real estate.”

When the time came to open her own operation, she knew she wanted to work with Andraya. The two had crossed paths professionally a number of times, and the experience was always good, so Shannyn popped the question. Andraya said she would need a minute to think about it, but it was only five minutes before she called back and said “yes.”

“I’ve always enjoyed working with her. She and I have a lot of the same kind of interests, same values and ethics, and the same outlook on how real estate should work,” Shannyn said.

After her work in the corporate world, Shannyn knew she wanted to keep things local in her new endeavors. So she and Andraya set up shop on S. Barstow St., as close as she could to the burgeoning downtown scene.

“We try to partner with as many small businesses in the community as we can,” Andraya said. They’re both members of Downtown Eau Claire Inc., the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association.

The pair is also involved in education, each holding a volunteer position with their childrens’ schools, and with helping disadvantaged communities. Andraya has served with the Beacon House, and Shannyn co-manages the Facebook page for Chippewa Valley Hope Project, an organization that connects people with housing difficulties with resources to fight homelessness.

“It’s awesome to give the gift of homeownership to people, but there’s so many families in our community that don’t have warm beds to go home to,” she said.

“I’ve been here for a long time, I take a lot of pride in the Chippewa Valley,” Shannyn said. “This is where we all have to work, play, and live, and anything I can do to make that better is really important to me.”

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