Teachin’ Truckin’

January food truck workshop on the way

Lauren Fisher, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education program will host a professional development workshop on how to launch a food truck on Jan. 28.  Entrepreneurs will learn how to establish a business while successfully complying with state and local regulations.  The class will cover business startup basics, licensing, and becoming part of a food truck culture in a way that enriches the community.  Instructors are knowledgeable businesspeople with experience in startups, local government, and more.  Iris Lang, one of the presenters, is an Environmental Health Specialist in charge of the Mobile Food Establishment program for the Eau Claire City County Health Department.  Food trucks have been a rising trend in the Chippewa Valley over the past several years, with more establishments cropping up every summer, each sporting its own cuisine and style.  They are a growing part of local events from farmers markets to fairs and concerts. Last May, the Eau Claire City Council amended food truck ordinances to decrease regulation on such businesses, allowing them to operate in more locations, during more hours of the day, and after paying a lower license fee.  Participants can register up until the class date as long as space is available.  More information and registration is available online at www.uwec.edu or by calling 715-836-3636.

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