Best variety of fish in town, well prepared and keep the cheesy biscuits coming!


We went here the day after valentines day..very busy. We were seated within 15 min, but our waitress forgot about us. We were never greeted or told the specials. After we flagged the manager down, he tracked down the waitress who was taking care of a food allergy. The manager was overly apologetic and we received one meal free. We understood the situation and thought red lobster handled it very well. We would definitely go again. The coconut shrimp and pineapple sauce was to die for!


Love the cheddar biscuits.


I know national chains get a lot of flack but I think the food at Red Lobster is always consistently good. I'm a pretty health-conscious person, so I appreciate the fact that the nutritional information for many of their menu items is available online. They're also accomodating for those with food allergies. I appreciate that!


The seafood is fine, and the "all you can eat" cheddar biscuits are a bonus. They are a little pricey for a chain restaurant, but the menu is pretty satisfying. I always try to use a coupon, so I'm sure the waitstaff despise me, & yet they've managed to avoid making their disdain obvious.