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Thanks...this is one of the best and most useful posts on the web about growing apples


Post Eau Claire Hadn’t Given Out a 'Key to…

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NOT. There are many other players in town who stuck to their art, put EC on the map and didn't float from project to project. I'd put JV way down the list.


Article Downtown Digs for Seniors

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All of the dilapidated student housing on the 200 and 300 blocks of Chippewa Street have been developed into beautiful, safe attractive student housing. Courtesy of JCap.


Article Waffles for a Cause

Wonderful cause! It warms my heart to see businesses helping.

On a side note waffles are wonderful. I can't wait to try the pearl.

thanks, good to know

Article Downtown Digs for Seniors

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I only know them from the failed downtown luxury apartment project and the riverside dirt pit next to the v1 store. Seems like they're better suited for smaller projects.

Richard Mell

Post Eau Claire Hadn’t Given Out a 'Key to…

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Really ? Bcuz culturally we owe much to him imo. Intangibles, like what really matters

Chris S

Shout My friend asked why it is the Pablo Center…

I believe we are caught in a naming recursion, Captain. Did the founder of this organization really like Pablo Picasso or have a pet named Pabo or something? It would be nice to know why the community theater wasn't called something as simple as The Confluence Arts Center, a name with local significance.

Chris S

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The State was also a movie theater (in fact some of the surplus equipment is at my house). Grengs owned the theaters but most of the movies at the Hollywood and the Downtown just went out to the London Square Theater and eventually Carmike out at Oakwood. Micon took over Grengs business. The old theaters were a lot cooler though.


Shout My friend asked why it is the Pablo Center…

How hard did you guys look? I just entered "pablo name" into the search bar above, and ...

"So who’s Pablo? Halmstad, who was a music major at UW-Eau Claire before he started his software firm, said the property company was named after his favorite record label. Starting in the 1970s, Pablo Records put out albums by jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, and Sarah Vaughan – a heritage that fits well with Eau Claire’s status as a jazz hub. "

Chris S

Shout My friend asked why it is the Pablo Center…

This is from the last paragraph of the article, not the search result itself, but it at least points to the suspected connection to Picasso. A few more searches lead to this, "In the early 1970s, Norman Granz made yet another entrance into the recording industry. He noticed that many of the marquee jazz performers of the day, including Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Joe Pass, and Oscar Peterson, were being given short shrift by other record labels and asked to perform music that Granz felt was beneath their caliber. To remedy this, he created a new label that would serve as a showcase for the best jazz musicians in the twilight of their careers. He called it Pablo Records, named after his friend Pablo Picasso." Like I said initially, aspirational branding only tenuously linked to the Chippewa Valley and it doesn't surprise me that the person who brought us "JAMF" also handed this name down to us.

Rich get richer

Shout My friend asked why it is the Pablo Center…

The original user likely had it correct. Best to make, what we will call a tax deductible donation, to get your name on the theater than be hit with all that extra income at the end of the year from the sale of JAMF.


Article UWEC Prof Honored on State ‘Black…

Great professor! Inspiring woman! She deserves the respect of having her education recognized. " Local historian, community servant, and UW-Eau Claire professor Selika Ducksworth-Lawton" She is Dr. Selika Ducksworth-Lawton PhD.

Chris S

Article Valley Media Works, EC’s community TV…

This is exciting news. A great reuse for the old Fire Station. The Fire Station on Park Avenue in Chippewa Falls (which previously was my granduncle June's garage) was also repurposed recently by Post Glass.