Article Weld at the Helm

"Weld declined to point to specific decisions that he believed had pulled the council too far in a partisan direction."

I thought it a bit odd that Weld was running on an issue that he himself could not define or offer an example of. And as near as I could tell there was little policy difference between the two candidates.


Article Weld at the Helm

" the council passed a number of progressive initiatives, including dropping the city fine for marijuana possession to $1"



Legal weed (I don't think people should smoke it, but I don't think it should be illegal) isn't a "liberal" issue it's an anti-authoritarian issue. keeping Marijuana illegal is not about conservatism, it's about cracking heads. There are no shortage of true conservatives want the state, to the greatest extent possible, to stay out of peoples lives and that agree with Louis Brandeis when he said that "the right to be let alone [was] the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men."

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They are the same plant. They're both Cannabis Sativa L. Don't spread misinformation that you're ignorant about.


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It's actually a very Wisconsin opinion on what Supper Clubs ARE. Eau Claire is surrounded by truly great Supper Clubs already (also many that have closed), where you can get quality fish fry or prime rib, salad bar and drinks. And YES, all for a great price point of less than $50 for two. Supper Clubs are not costly, 'upscale', un-affordable restaurants. They are a nostalgic tradition of going out after a long week, socializing with company and having a great meal and a few drinks. It's been working here for decades upon decades. Maybe in you've just been in the wrong part of the industry? Western WI may not be "relevant" to you, but to most of us, it's just fine.


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Actually I agree...this was obviously a principled stand on the part of the owners at the time. Over the years, they could have sold many times, but they did not - now passed, the kids do not have the same reservations which is natural, The article lnot does not honor, actually makes fun of what was likely a REALLY interesting story.


Post Infamous “Walmart House” FINALLY Hits…

That was my great aunt’s house. She passed away recently. I think everyone will miss her zesty spirit. She was still doing yard work at 95 years old and she was the one hopping fences while walking to the nearby stores. This could have been an interesting story that shined a light on a strong willed woman who refused to sell her house but instead it was a very childish piece, missed opportunity.

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Jeez. This isn't "news," people,.....not the way I took it. It's not commentary on the woman who lived there.....who sounds pretty cool. It's just some jokes about what it'd be like to live in that awful spot. If anything, it highlights how brave it was fer her to hold out and live there so long. It doesn't side with developers. Chill out. I'd like to know more about the ladys story too, but this is funny. Lighten up.


Post Infamous “Walmart House” FINALLY Hits…

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I disagree. It could have been funny and substantive and instead sounds shallow and condescending. It’s a shame.