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I guess we cant all like the same stuff. Fair enough.

Not sure who you think its condescending to though.


Post Infamous “Walmart House” FINALLY Hits…

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Thank you for sharing! Sorry to hear about your aunt. It would be nice to see the community preserve the house and lawn. I've always appreciated the house and her stance, and I'm not the only one!


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When I was a child my parents would buy a half brick sized plastic bag of whitish stuff that looked like mayonnaise with a breakable pill inside containing dye. So to make this bags contents look like butter you would break the pill and knead the dye until it changed the color from white to yellow like butter.

Nellie Wilson

Post Infamous “Walmart House” FINALLY Hits…

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I agree also. This is indeed a tactless article, and tasteless, for all the reasons you cited. I think it shameful that what is probably a much more honest home than most built over the past fifty years will likely be razed to make way for yet another attempt to slice Eau Claire's economic pie into even smaller pieces.

The developers have run your city for far too long - a reign which is to blame for the deceased downtown which your leaders (descendants of those same developers) are striving so hard to redevelop. You folks did well at the last city council election toward getting rid of the status quo.
Well enough in fact that your entrenched council president resigned over the loss of her tame acolytes. More recently, however, you screwed up with your choice of her replacement. Look for more status quo, or at least some gridlock.

Sam I Am

Article Cracking the (Area) Code

The Wife and I went out last night had a very good supper and drinks for under $50. dollars. So James J James there are good places to go to for under $50. (That is if you don't drink to many.) A new place in town is good for the competition. Will be checking it out. Good Luck.


Post Infamous “Walmart House” FINALLY Hits…

I agree---that people need to lighten up. This was making fun of highways and big stores and development---not the lady who used to live there. Come on.


Article Friends Indeed

Great to hear that a Friends Of group is forming up. Putnam Park is one of the Jewels Of The City and needs to be protected.

Maureen O'Brien

Article Working to End Alzheimer’s


It's wonderful to find out you are working on Alzheimer's treatment. Both Mom and her Mom had dementia. It was so difficult to deal with this pain.

J Maurer

Post Infamous “Walmart House” FINALLY Hits…

I thought the article was funny satire and well conceived. Is it that anytime V1 writes satire mid westerners don't understand it? maybe that's why V1 doesn't do it a lot. Reminded me of stuff you'd see on CURBED website.

Joseph Payne

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Yep I've seen them 10-15 times in a month!!! Mabye they ARE common.