Article Creative Economy Week 2019

Could a creative-economy revitalization like Eau Claire’s happen in a small town, Suva as. Cumberland, population 2,000?


Article Look Ma, No Driver!

Bring it on! Tired of injuries and deaths from texting and alcohol.


Post Cannery Plannery: Creating a redevelopment…

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I would like instead a cannery production district here in Eau Claire that hat can open doors to hard working willing citizens with bunks. It'll make our city prosper and great if given that .

Barbara Tzetzo Gosch

Article Dying Like Keats

Tenderly touching. The soul of the poet lives on forever.

Chris S

Article Software Scene

That's right. These are four software companies with very professional sounding names.

Barbara Tzetzo Gosch

Article Working Together: CoLAB will be a…

Glad I read this even though it was written mos ago. The term "Business incubator" is a unique concept.


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Woah! No idea it was right at UW-Stout. I've been rewatching these episodes and will hopefully find some of these places over the summer. Next road trip coming up! :)


Post No-Go on Former Huebsch Property Condos:…

I've been wondering the same thing? Could it have something to do with the bridge rebuild next to this site which I believe is scheduled for next year. I think there is a pedestrian-bike underpass connecting to the trail by the Chamber bldg. being added with the bridge work so maybe they want that all done before they start.

Hoping for the Best

Article 5 Ways Eau Claire Is (And Isn’t)…

Eau Claire should be building housing for the residents they want to ATTRACT, not only for the residents they have. The truth is, building housing for “young professionals” is aloof to the fact that the professionals who move here are doing so because of what the community already has to offer: safety and good schools - these professionals want a good family life. We should stop pretending like we’re a big city and cater to what could be a great family town...if we STOP BUILDING SO MANY APARTMENTS AND LOW INCOME HOUSING.

Why ruin the south side with low income and apartments when we could both revitalize the north side and continue to strengthen the south side? We need small and medium sized, brand new, single family houses everywhere, not big houses on the north side and trash on the south.

Nellie Wilson

Article Eau Claire's New Fight Against…

This will prob'ly bring cries of foul from the Chamber of Commerce Crowd and howls of "socialism" from the larger wing nut contingent, but let's give it a fair hearing.

The vaunted "free market" has no place in anything as essential to human survival as basic housing. One suggestion might be to license anyone offering property for rent, with certain conditions attached, including open books and strict guidelines as to profit margin over aggregate costs of providing rental property. Again, the market has no place dictating human needs, be they housing or health care.

Nellie Wilson

Article Eau Claire's New Fight Against…

Addendum to previous post:

On WEAU's news site, yesterday was a story headlined, “Chamber hosts meet-and-greet with Eau Claire City Council members” wherein one Chamber fellow said more of a mouthful than I think he intended: "I say one of the biggest things for any elected official is to be able to put that name and face together, so when you make that call, they know who you are and they know who you represent," said [the] Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce CEO." He was, of course, referring to making sure the elected reps knew, up front, whom they really represent. Methinks your elected officials would do well to give as much time and attention to folks who live on Vine St. and go maintain employment everyday. Don't look for any real solution to affordable housing issues anytime soon, as long as the current power dynamic remains in place.