Pop Up Play

Museum Playologists could pop up anywhere with a fun new challenge for you and your family to enjoy.

Cost: Free with Museum membership or admission

Age: All Ages


Fri. Feb. 1   2:30-3pm

Sat. Feb. 2   2:30-3pm

Sun. Feb. 3   2:30-3pm

Tue. Feb. 5   2:30-3pm

Wed. Feb. 6   2:30-3pm

Thu. Feb. 7   2:30-3pm

Fri. Feb. 8   2:30-3pm

Sat. Feb. 9   2:30-3pm

Sun. Feb. 10   2:30-3pm

Tue. Feb. 12   2:30-3pm

Wed. Feb. 13   2:30-3pm

Thu. Feb. 14   2:30-3pm

Fri. Feb. 15   2:30-3pm

Sat. Feb. 16   2:30-3pm

Sun. Feb. 17   2:30-3pm

Tue. Feb. 19   2:30-3pm

Wed. Feb. 20   2:30-3pm

Thu. Feb. 21   2:30-3pm

Fri. Feb. 22   2:30-3pm

Sat. Feb. 23   2:30-3pm

Sun. Feb. 24   2:30-3pm

Tue. Feb. 26   2:30-3pm

Wed. Feb. 27   2:30-3pm

Thu. Feb. 28   2:30-3pm

For More Information
 (715) 832-5437

Children's Museum of Eau Claire
220 S. Barstow St.
Eau Claire, WI 54701

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