Sunset Sounds

Sunset Sounds is a new students, faculty and staff concert series hosted on the campus mall of UWEC.

June 10: Jake Arnold Big Band
June 24: Samuel Stein 8-9pm, Orchid Eaton 9-10pm
July 8: Jim Phillips Project 8-9pm, upl8 9-10pm
July 22: Fifth Element 8-9pm, Sean Patrick Porten 9-10pm
Aug. 5: Uncommon Denominator
Aug. 19: Asparagus 8-9pm, TeawhYB 9-10pm


Cost: FREE


Mon. Jun. 10   8pm

Mon. Jun. 24   8pm

Mon. Jul. 8   8pm

Mon. Jul. 22   8pm

Mon. Aug. 5   8pm

Mon. Aug. 19   8pm

For More Information

Campus Mall - UW Eau Claire
Lower Campus
Eau Claire, WI 54703