Working Women, Working Mothers

A partnership between SHIFT Cyclery & Coffee Bar, Dotters Books and Red Letter Grant - Working Women, Working Mons aims to highlight mothers that have demonstrated an array of community contributions, both through their work and extracurriculars. These quarterly meet-ups will highlight two or more women as they share their experiences with the audience. July featured speakers highlight our Co-Hosts: Laura Lash - Business Owner SHIFT Cyclery & Coffee Bar, Co-owner Mother of two, young sons Margaret Leonard - Business Owner Dotters Books, Co-owner Mother of two - a toddler and an infant

Cost: FREE


This event is over.

Wed. Jul. 24, 2019   7:30-9pm

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SHIFT Cyclery & Coffee Bar
615 Graham Avenue
Eau Claire, WI 54703
(715) 514-5060