Wednesday, Mar. 20th, 2019

The Paint Shack

6:30-8:30pm Wed. Mar. 20

DAV Foxhole Bar and Banquent Center, Menomonie

Thursday, Mar. 21st, 2019
Friday, Mar. 22nd, 2019
Saturday, Mar. 23rd, 2019
Sunday, Mar. 24th, 2019
Monday, Mar. 25th, 2019

Bingo Night

7:30-9:30pm Mon. Mar. 25

The Growler Guys, Eau Claire

Tuesday, Mar. 26th, 2019

Poker Night

7-10pm Tue. Mar. 26

The Growler Guys, Eau Claire

Wednesday, Mar. 27th, 2019

Jazz Session

7-9pm Wed. Mar. 27

Acoustic Cafe - Eau Claire, Eau Claire

Thursday, Mar. 28th, 2019