WATCH: Night’s Still Young (a short film by a local writer and his brother)

V1 Staff



You can now watch a short film written and c0-produced by Chippewa Valley author and UW-Eau Claire English professor B.J. Hollars. The film – entitled Night’s Still Young – was directed and co-produced by Hollar’s brother, Brooklyn-based Brian J. Hollars.

The film, which runs just under 15 minutes, is set in Louisiana and focuses on Kate (Shanna Vincent), a woman who decides to host a 26th birthday party for herself. Surrounded by close friends. The guests (apart from Kate’s  brother Austin and her lifelong friend Jeanie) are unaware the get-together also functions as Kate’s farewell party.

The film’s world premiere took place in May at the ninth annual NYC Independent Film Festival, and it was screened at the NYCIndie Film Fest and selected for the the New Hope Film Festival. The film’s Midwest premiere took place July 5 in UW-Eau Claire’s Davies Center. The film was released online on March 18.

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