Mighty Ducks: make sure to feed the ducks the right stuff

Raquel Dorf

If you duck out this summer to to visit one of the Chippewa Valley’s beautiful parks, you may spot some of the our Mighty Chippewa Ducks. Feeding these friendly water animals is a great summer activity and always a quacking good time!

While it’s common to feed the ducks bread or crackers, these carbohydrates are actually harmful to the ducks because they lack nutritional value. Bread can also attracts rodents and other pests. Next time you’re heading to the pond, conservationists recommend giving the birds food that provide minerals and vitamins for better growth and development.

These healthy choices include cracked corn, oats, birdseed, earthworms, and chopped lettuce. Some more rules of thumb when duck feeding are as follows: make sure to only offer food in bite-sized pieces, duck and cover for birds that approach closely or look irritated because they can be aggressive, and always properly dispose of trash because litter can harm the birds.

Last but not least, always look for signs that prohibit feeding ducks or wildlife in the area – there are good reasons for these rules! Feeding the ducks is a long beloved summer tradition, and The Mighty Chippewa Ducks will always quack you up!

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