Loopy's High Shores Supper Club

Loopy's High Shores Supper Club, newly re-opened under new ownership, offers a new twist on supper club dining classics.

Average Cost: Entrée: $10-$25

Average: 3.63
Out of 19 Reviews


Loopy's High Shores Supper Club
17985 Co. Trk. X
Chippewa Falls, WI



Great food and the absolute best outdoor scenic seating area around. I wish every Klein Hall veteran could partake in a meal here. Located on Lake Wissota.


Too expensive to go there often. Once a year is about all we can afford, then its on special occasions. Don't understand why they don't open up earlier in the summer there are a lot of us on pontoons etc that would like a nice place to go grab a bite or something to drink


LOVE the salad bar, Diane is very attentive and always watching the customers and staff to ensure the best customer service possible. Now days with so many chain restaurants places like these need our support!


Went here for our anniversary with hesitation because we had a bad steak the last time we were there about a year prior. My husband and I both ordered a rare steak and it wasn't even slightly pink. I also ordered a dinner add on which was scallops and asparagus in hollandaise which was a huge disappointment. It was 5 tiny scallops and burnt asparagus. The hollandaise separated so it was a dish of water with one large clump of egg. I was shocked that they served it to me.


Underwhelming. We were here for Easter Brunch, I had a chicken dish with asparagus and hollandaise sauce which was separated and oily. (If you can't make decent hollandaise, don't put it on the menu.) The food was lukewarm and lacked flavor. I'll give this place 2 instead of 1 because the others in my party seemed to enjoy their meals.