The Burger King in Menomonie has REALLY gone down hill. The service is lackluster even for a fast food joint staffed with high school kids. The have reached a new low. Last time I ordered breakfast, I was over charged. The cashier did not know why, but failed to seek a correction. When I asked the manager he said he was too busy to deal with it "right now". When I said I wanted the over charge amount back, he went to the till and extracted the exact amount of overcharge as if this was an on-going problem. This staff needs to realize that in these tough times, we are not forced to eat at restuarants that could care less if we were there.


I like the cheesy tots but I have to order my burgers without mustard because they tend to drown them in it otherwise.


Comparable to other Burger Kings. Good fast food.


Not a bad place for fast food. My daughter had there mushroom burger last week and it was pretty good!


the only thing thats great about this place is hershey pies, if it werent for that I would not come here.