China Buffet - Chippewa Falls

A plentiful buffet of classic Chinese food guaranteed to send you home full. Try the House Fried Chicken, the coconut shrimp, and other tasty seafood offerings. Private party room, vegetarian friendly.

Average Cost: Entrée: $6-$8.50

Average: 3.50
Out of 8 Reviews

China Buffet
475 Chippewa Mall Drive
Chippewa Falls, WI



Four Stars for a "Chinese Buffet." Five Stars for Service. I've been to several area Chinese buffets, some have "Trendier" decor but for rock bottom food and service there is no better place than Chippewa Falls own China Buffet.


This is pretty good. The staff are not real friendly, but not unfriendly either. It could use a good cleaning tho. Food is pretty good, average and typical of a Chinese food buffet. I have yet to go there when they have crab legs and we go here a lot. So my recommendation would be to add crab legs to your buffet.


Always amazed at the people who flock to this joint. it was alright. nothing to write home about. Odds are I'll return. its close to home and half 'cheap' in price.


My wife and I have eaten here several times. Each visit has been good. It is on the order of fast food but it is alweays hot and plenty of choices. It will remain on our list of places to go.


My experiance here has been hit or miss. It is usually really good, food and service wise. There have been nights though, when it younger crew is working, that the food is terrible and the service is non existant. One of the "bad nights" night my wife and I waited almost a 20min before I finally flagged down someone to get us our drinks! Never got a check either....