Noodle TeaHouse

Noodle Teahouse is a full-service restaurant offering a variety of Vietnamese food such as Vietnamese pho (filet mignon & chicken), vermicelli with beef and shrimp, fried rice, shaken beef and rice, shrimp spring rolls, egg rolls, and more.

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Average: 4.50
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2161 East Ridge Center
Eau Claire, WI 54701




I would never go here again. I'm a vegetarian and so is my friend. We were served fish by accident and wanted a refund. They wouldn't give us one. We didn't even eat the food. We had to wait over an hour for the manager to come and tell us we didn't have to pay. We still had to pay for our drinks, and he was unbelievably rude. He tried to convince me that there is no fish in fish sauce. They even called the police on us.


I eat here way to much! They should be 10x busier because of how good the food is. This is the new Volume 1 best kept secret in town.


I always say the best pho broth needs no extra seasonings and this was it! Best pho broth in town! Great prices too.


This place is awesome! First time I've ever had pho, and it won't be the last! I highly recommend the honey lemonade tea, very refreshing!


Food and atmosphere are very good. Will go back often, if your thinking about it go; you won't regret it.