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Opening the Flood Gates

One of the earliest developments you'll see (and one I'm super-excited for) is the conversion of the High Bridge. It will operate much like the old railroad bridge from 1st Ave to Phoenix Park. The major difference is the experience of actually being on the High Bridge – the view of Eau Claire from up there is probably the best vista in the area. When this bridge actually connects the completed developments of the Phoenix area and the West Riverside areas it will only be cooler.

Trevor Kupfer

Is the Wisconsin state flag the worst flag ever?

Last week I was wearing the state flag shirt from The Local Store around Minneapolis and an old lady stopped me whilst on my bike:

"What's that?" she asked, pointing to my shirt.
"The Wisconsin state flag."
"Oh, that's MUCH better than our stupid one."

So ours may be bad (no beer or cheese representation; what's up with that?), but apparently old ladies think it's better than Minnesota's.

Trevor Kupfer

How is Ed Norton's character in Fight Club gay? According to 8/18 "Dorm Room Poster Rules" I don't even understand how anyone could imply he is gay. He is schizophrenic with multiple personalities and has sexual relations with a women. I'm confused.

Here's an abridged summary. One of the many themes of the movie (along with anti-commercialism and such) is homosexual desire. Norton's character devises Tyler (Pitt) as the male ideal. A confident, physical specimen, who dresses like a metrosexual (and in a woman's robe at one point) and has relations with women for "sport." When Tyler's character shows affection to the blonde kid (Leto), Norton clearly gets irked to the point of "destroying something beautiful." The point is that Norton feels the need to sublimate his homosexual desires just as Tyler does with spliced images of "male parts" in children's films. He hides them because he feels he's "supposed" to. So when you see the ending, where Norton holds Bonham-Carter's hand and says, "You met me at a very strange time in my life," we know it's the ultimate off-in-the-sunset wink of heterosexual Hollywood cliché. Hope this helps. But really, just watching it with this in mind with open lots of floodgates.