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    Shutting himself away in a Justin Vernon-like fashion, Hamilton developed this character further and completed a script for the film after two months.

“Writing a character I couldn’t relate to at all,” he said, “was one of the hardest (steps).”

Hamilton soon assembled a cast and crew. His brother Todd’s employer, A-1 Priority Insurance, provided Hamilton with the necessary equipment in exchange for his help with advertising in the future. (And who says families can’t do business?)

In the bulk of planning for Fedora, Hamilton also started up Little Death production company with friend Brandon Spearbecker, which he plans to use not only for Fedora, but future projects as well.
    The final version of the film will be presented in black and white, which, besides paying tribute to classic film noir style, “points out the darkness inside of the character,” Hamilton said. Other perks include neat editing and an original composition, approximately 30 tracks written by local musician Eric Giardina to accompany the film. Local bands will also provide background music for scenes shot inside the House of Rock, Hamilton said.

With post-production soon coming to a close, Hamilton hopes to screen the film locally in January and submit the film to several big festivals in early 2011, including Park City, Sundance, and SXSW. Little Death will also be holding a promotional event at the House of Rock on October 22, with live bands and clips from the film.

“No matter where the film goes, all of us involved have grown as individuals,” Hamilton said. “We have all made a big step in improving our lives and careers.”