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That's Not All She Float
what Eau Claire has in store for the future

The city is in the process of updating its Waterways Plan, a document that was last approved in 1988. The year Michael Dukakis won the presidential primary in Wisconsin, Sonny Bono was elected mayor of Palm Springs, and Super Mario 3 made its debut. Suffice it to say, it’s high time for a new plan.

You’ll be able to read all about the plan and the future of our river corridor in an upcoming feature, but there’s a few big items that will immediately affect the tubing scene. On Aug. 4, for instance, the city has another public input meeting about the downtown riverfront redevelopment (including Barstow and Eau Claire streets). Said meeting includes preliminary design ideas for the riverfront, which they need your thoughts on, so visit the Ayres Associates website immediately to do so at AyresAssociates.com/ECDowntown/barstow.html.

We hope the design will include the much-needed and even-more-controversial physical access points we need (such as landings and launches). But if it doesn’t, Fieber said their long-term Waterways Plan certainly will.

“That’s what we want people to do,” he said of accessing the river. “What I’m interested in seeing … is more and more tubers saying, ‘Let’s take out a canoe or a kayak and go further.’ A baby step to taking advantage of the river, and making it as fun as it can be. And I’m starting to see more and more people doing that.”