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Tubing Elsewhere
what other tubing communities have done

Salt River Mesa, Arizona
(Population: 462,486)
Known as Arizona’s Floating Picnic, tubing down the Salt River has been a 30-year event. Many people (it’s especially popular with families) come to not only enjoy some floating, but to enjoy some day camping and elaborate weekend picnics. Various costume competitions occur (with the winners getting free tubing passes) such as Rockin’ Rodeo day in May where people dress up in cowboy/girl costumes and are encouraged to lasso stray tubers. In July they have Halloween Spooktacular, a popular event that draws thousands every year with phantoms, witches, and eerie echoes all day long along with a Freddy Kruger’s Fearsome Bus Ride. In August, the fun continues with a Mardi Gras theme day where people dress up in their most flamboyant costumes and employers toss beads to the tubers and have a conga line on the shore with Cajun music playing.

Delaware River Frenchtown, New Jersey
(Population: 1,467)
This place is known for its Famous River Hot Dog Man, a food vendor that’s actually out on the river next to an island that you can stop at to enjoy your meal on picnic tables in the water. Basically, you pay for the tube rentals and then you get an added bonus of a free BBQ meal at the Famous River Hot Dog Man. Come on, what’s not to love? Tubing down a river and halfway through your ride, you get to stop at a food vendor and you don’t even have to leave the water? How cool is that? Various events are also hosted on the river. Delaware River Tubing, a rental business that runs the Famous River Hot Dog Man also has an annual Gay Day Floatilla. Showing support for the gay community, they tube down the river to The Famous River Hot Dog Man and have a swimsuit contest. They also host the Annual Kathy’s Tube for the Cause, an event with proceeds going toward the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Wolf River Langlade, Wis.
(Population: 543)
Known for its whitewater tubing, rafting, and kayaking, the small town of Langlade is not only a regular summer weekend hotspot, but is also known for its annual events celebrating river recreation. The Raft-N-Rest Campground hosts three rafting and tubing extravaganzas each year, one on Father’s Day, one at the end of July, and one in mid-August. The first, known simply as “The Rafting Party,” is a celebration 34 years strong and draws enough people to almost overtake the town. The second, Jammin’ on the Wolf, is primarily a music festival. The third is a theme party that changes every year (this one being Mardi Gras). The three-day festivals offer tubing/rafting, camping, live music, games/activities, food catering, and lots of drinking.

Guadalupe River New Braunfels, Texas
(Population: 55,867)
This place is well known for its “Horseshoe Loop,” a mile-long loop on the river that many people tube and raft down. Because of its popularity, the loop is riddled with camping areas to extend visitors’ enjoyment of the river as well as The Hideout, a bar known for rental cabins and live outdoor music. The city is literally branded by the Guadalupe River, which has its own chamber-esque website, and they in turn have branded the river loop with landmarks like Lazy Leg, Party Rock, Bodacious Bluffs, and Tree Island. The river is also located near Canyon Lake and eight public parks.