Appleton-based Internet Radio Station Plays Only Wisconsin Artists

James Johonnott

The Internet is a convenient place to discover music you might never have found without it, but sometimes it seems as if it’s easier to use it to find and listen to music from bands or artists thousands of miles away than it is to listen to work from groups in our backyard. This is where The Great Unknown steps in.  The Great Unknown is an independent Internet radio station devoted to playing music only by bands or artists from Wisconsin. The site live streams songs from a library of more than 550 bands to your Internet browser or mobile device. The station has a healthy selection of Eau Claire bands in its library including Meridene, The Heart Pills, The Frenettes, The Dust of Men, Kalispell, Granite Rose and Softly, Dear. Stations like The Great Unknown are essential ways for bands to get discovered and for us to do the discovering. The station is always looking for new bands to add to its library, so feel free to contact them to suggest bands to be added to the playlist or to inquire about anything you’ve heard on the station. To check out The Great Unknown Radio, visit thegreatunknownradio.com.