Art Will Rise in the Phark

James Johonnott, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Attention artists of Eau Claire! The JAMF Nation Global Foundation is soliciting proposals for original works of sculpture art to be displayed at Phoenix Park near the new office of JAMF Software. The final selection will be chosen by a jury of community members and bought by the foundation to be donated to the city of Eau Claire. A submission should contain either a digital image of the existing work or a sketch of the proposed project. Sketches should be accompanied by digital images of the artist’s existing work. Up to three submissions can be made, each with a budget of up to $25,000 and should be made of material suitable to surviving the elements in Wisconsin year-round. Along with descriptions of the work, artists should include size, technique, material, price, and title, as well as a brief biography. Special consideration will be given to submissions that meet a set of criteria laid out by the foundation: The sculpture should serve as a welcome to Phoenix Park, bring visual art to downtown Eau Claire, celebrate the innovators and diversity in the community, appeal to Phoenix Park’s sophisticated atmosphere, and have interactive appeal (seating will likely be installed around the sculpture).

To learn more, contact Rachel Kjos at (715) 225-4961 or  Rachel.Kjos@jamfsoftware.com. The submission deadline is March 31, so get sculpting!