Walkin' in a Winter Horrorland

paranormal investigator spins tales of the Wendigo

James Johonnott

Behold the freaky zombie deer thing of legend!
Behold the freaky zombie deer thing of legend!

Beware the icy grip of the Wendigo. Get ready for a haunting night of bizarre winter folklore with Chad Lewis, the Chippewa Valley’s own researcher and writer of the supernatural. Lewis has combined all of the strange history and mystery behind the legend of the Wendigo – the cannibalistic creature said to be roaming the coldest portions of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Canada – into one scary presentation. Filled with tales of mysterious creatures lurking in the northwoods, deadly curses, terrible starvation, grisly cannibalism, and Lewis’ adventures to find this monster, this presentation will certainly change the way you view winter in Wisconsin. The history of northern states and Canada is rife with tales about a giant supernatural beast that is forced to spend eternity walking the frozen ground in search of human flesh. Early missionaries and explorers told of a Native spirit that could consume an entire tribe and wipe them out. This presentation ties together several terrifying tales of the creature such as stories of a winter harbinger of death visiting early pioneers, a Canadian tribe being possessed by the Wendigo, an entire family killed and consumed by the Wendigo, mysterious large tracks coming out of ice holes walking toward land, and more. Chad has authored more than 20 books on the paranormal, been featured multiple times on television documentaries, and extensively lectures on his fascinating findings. The more bizarre the legend, the more likely it is that you will find Chad there. 

Wendigo Folklore: Wisconsin’s Winter Monster with Chad Lewis • Saturday, Jan. 30, 7pm • The Volume One Gallery, 205 N. Dewey St., Eau Claire • FREE • (715) 552-0457 • volumeone.org/sites/storegallery