Cheers to Beers

Leinie’s Family Reunion celebrates 150 years of beers

Eric Christenson, photos by Neal Bennett

The Leinenkugel brothers invite you to their annual ragin’ get-together at the Leinie Lodge to say thank you to Leinie loyalists and beer-lovin’ Wisconsinites of every walk of life. Enjoy family, food, beer sampling, and entertainment in the shadows of the historic brewery, which this year is celebrating its 150th anniversary of brewing quality beers from the crystal pure waters of Chippewa Falls. It’s a special year in the Leinie family, so the reunion is extra special to go along with it. You could try their 150th anniversary beer and sample a bevy of other libations, pick up some special edition Leinie Lodge merchandise, take yourself on a self-guided brewery tour, sway along to some live music courtesy of Shandymonium (get it?) & Brews Revue (get this one too?), taste all kinds of different cheeses, scarf down a bratwurst lunch, and you might even get a chance to meet the Leinenkugel brothers themselves. “We’ve got something special here in Chippewa Falls,” Leinie’s president Dick Leinenkugel told us last month. “First and foremost it’s about the beer and continuing to brew quality beers. But we also want to be able to delight our beer drinkers – surprise and delight, I like to say. One of the ways we do that is really right here at the Leinie Lodge. It’s gotta start with people.” So take it all in and raise a glass to 150 years of Leinie’s excellence. Here’s to 150 more. 

14th Annual Leinenkugel Family Reunion • June 17 • Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. & The Leinie Lodge, 124 E. Elm St., Chippewa Falls • 9am-4pm • FREE • 21+ • www.leinie.com