For the Love of Order

hearing scheduled for “Public Good Order” amendments

Lauren Fisher, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Randall Park Neighborhood, Eau Claire
Randall Park Neighborhood, Eau Claire

The Eau Claire City Council will hold a public hearing March 12 7-9pm at the Council Chamber at 203 S. Farwell St. to discuss amendments to the city’s “Public Good Order” ordinance. The proposed changes would address secondary effects of alcohol and illicit drug use including “unruly conduct, inappropriate behavior, and neighborhood disturbance.” It would establish demonstrable public intoxication as unlawful, and impose limits on how many people private transportation services may deposit per city block in the Historic Randall Park and Third Ward neighborhoods.  Rules regarding litter, indoor furniture, and inflatable furniture and floatation devices that can be seen on private property from public throughways would also be established. Student Leaders at UW-Eau Claire hosted a round table on campus on March 1 to discuss the potential changes with city officials.  After the event, Tom Klatt, owner of Right Way Shuttle, announced that he will stop operating his Late-Night Safe Ride, claiming it would be too difficult to enforce drop-off limits if the amendments passed.

To read the original ordinance and the proposed amendments, visit the Eau Claire City website.

Original ordinance, page 227:

Proposed amendments, page 159: