Artisan Forge Hosts Spring Art Market

Measha Vieth, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Artisan Forge Studios
Artisan Forge Studios

The work of dozens of artisans – including 25 in-house artists and 10 outside collaborators – will be on display at the Springtime Uptown Artisan Market from 9am-6pm Saturday, May 5, at Artisan Forge Studios, 1106 Mondovi Road. Artisan Forge Studios is a unique community where artists can collaborate and learn from one another. Artisan Forge Studios welcomes visitors to view works in progress and finished pieces by illustrators, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, and more. A few times a year they host an extra-special gathering like this one. Among the attractions on May 5 will be nationally known muralists Biafra and Wundr, who will join the local Enamel Hands to add color to Artisan Forge’s garage bays. While eating or taking a break from viewing artwork, guests may enjoy live music. The Uptown Artisan Market is a wonderful way for the community to see what artists are working on. Admission is free, and donations to the musicians and mural artists are appreciated.