Eco Art & the Global Canvas

Footprints/Memories opens at the Pablo Center

Barbara Arnold

“Overuse Injury II” by Amandas Bulger
“Overuse Injury II” by Amandas Bulger

What is our impact on the planet? Can we choose how we leave our mark? Footprints/Memories: Eco Art and the Global Canvas, the first-ever eco art exhibition at the Pablo Center at the Confluence, has invited designers, artists, and creatives of all kinds who work with environmental topics or have interest in the life sciences to show their work. The exhibit will run July 19 through Sept. 6. For the full effect, though, you’ll want to attend the artists’ reception on Friday, July 26, from 5-7pm in the James Hanson Gallery at the Pablo Center, 128 Graham Ave. Mykitas Epoch – What We Do, Pt. 1, an interactive art experience created and performed by multidisciplinary artist (and guest curator) CV Peterson, will be performed several times during the reception. And at 6pm, Well, if you weren’t so stupid, a performance art piece created by Emily Gordon and performed by Lois Cassle, will be presented. Eco art, short for ecological art, is “a contemporary form of environmental art created by artists who are concerned about local and global environmental situations,” according to ELUXE Magazine. It’s a way for artists to delve deep into people’s consciousness about such situations as climate change, air and water pollution, or plastics, for example. The exhibit is open Monday through Saturday, 10am-2pm and two hours before each event at the Pablo Center. The exhibit is free and open to the public. More information is available at pablocenter.org.

Footprints/Memories • James Hanson Gallery, Pablo Center at the Confluence, 128 Graham Ave., Eau Claire • July 19–Sept. 6 • Reception July 26, 5-7pm • FREE •