Gallery Show Explores Natural Beauty of Stones

Lauren Fisher

Alicia Hash has been hooked on rocks since she was a kid.  It’s in part because of her father, who she refers to as a “rock hound.”  He taught her how to see the beauty in stones, which have become the inspiration for her artistic work with resin.  Hash has spent the last two years throwing herself into the process of fluid art, creating agate- and geode- inspired fixtures.  Hash will display her work at a show in the Volume One Gallery Aug. 30-Oct. 26, with an opening reception Aug. 30 from 6:30-8:30pm.  “Creating something beautiful out of a stubborn medium is a challenge that keeps me thinking,” she said.  “There isn’t going to be a straight line.  I like that it’s something that can’t be 100% controlled.”  She works as a stay-at-home mother, and uses her art as a way to reconnect with herself when she has a free moment.  Hash’s work can be found at Tangled Up in Hue (505 S. Barstow St.), and on Etsy and Instagram under the user Afterthought Art. “I’m hoping people walk away from my show seeing the beauty of nature in a different way,” Hash said.

Alicia Hash / The Mineral Movement • Aug. 30 - Oct. 26 • Opening Reception Aug. 30 6:30-8:30pm • Volume One Gallery • 205 N. Dewey St. • FREE