BREAKING: Wisconsin Voters Can Still Request Absentee Ballots Friday. Here’s What You Need to Know

... and now you’ve got more time to return your ballot, too

Tom Giffey

Got one of these still sitting around the house? Get it in the mail!
Got one of these still sitting around the house? Get it in the mail!

If you’re a Wisconsin voter who wants to cast an absentee ballot in next Tuesday’s election but hasn’t requested one, you can still do so – but you’ve got to act fast. As in TODAY fast: Friday, April 3.

While he wouldn’t postpone the election itself – although he chastised state elected leaders’ failure to do so – a federal judge ruled Thursday to extend the absentee voting period. Originally, the window for requesting absentee ballots had closed, but U.S. District Judge William Conley ordered it extended until 5pm Friday. In addition, the judge ordered that municipal clerks can accept absentee ballots until 4pm on Monday, April 13, nearly a full week after Election Day.

Bottom line: If you still want to request an absentee ballot, you can do so at myvote.wi.gov until 5pm today. After that, you’ve got another 10 days to get that ballot mailed in to ensure it’s counted.

Judge Conley made one other change that may impact you if you’re confined alone at home because of the coronavirus: According to a press release from the City of Eau Claire, “The witness signature requirement on the absentee envelope is lifted only if the absentee voter provides a written affirmation or other statement with the ballot that they were unable to safely obtain a witness signature despite reasonable efforts to do so, provided the ballots are otherwise valid.” In other words, if you’re alone and can’t safety have another person witness that you’ve filled it out, you can write a statement to that effect and get your ballot in the mail.

You can read more about the judicial ruling, and the political response to it, in this Associated Press article: Judge won’t delay Wisconsin election but extends voting.