Draganetti's Ristorante

While the restaurant is known for fine Italian dining, the bar at Drag's is known for a comfortable, old-school lounge feel marked by low lighting and stools plus expertly mixed cocktails like the famous old-fashioned. Happy hour is 4-6pm, Monday through Thursday. Outdoor patio, four taps, three specialty beers, party room that holds 40.

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Draganetti`s Ristorante
3120 Hillcrest Pkwy.
Altoona, WI

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A family tradition of Italian excellence with a reputable local history dating back to 1982. Enjoy their casual yet upscale atmosphere by starting with appetizers and salads, and then choosing from chicken, fish, veal, beef, and a vast array of pastas and sauces -- plus monthly specials. Don't forget about their famous pizzas like the pesto or a build-your-own masterpiece. Pick-up ordering available. Offering affordable custom catering options. Gluten free menu options available. Outdoor seating, vegetarian friendly. Get a free scoop of Spumoni on your birthday.

 • Outdoor Seating

 • Vegetarian Friendly

 • Italian

 • Pizza

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I'm new to ec so trying new restaurants is a must. I've tried taverna and now I've tried draganettis. I find them both a major disappoint. I feel silly for wasting my money. As I read the comments below I see I'm not the only one. Take the advice and don't waste your time or money!


I ate here once about one year ago and my experience was WONDERFUL! Then we went back recently and had really distasteful food. I was so disappointed. We ordered the eggplant parm and the eggplant was seriously round, deep fried, and tasted like some sort of a funnel cake from the fair. It was literally inedible. The garlic appetizer was a whole clove that was soaked in oil and super soggy. It's the only place nice that's open on Sundays and I wish the food was quality enough because we would frequent it many Sunday evenings if it were. :(


Dear God! I weep for the palate of Eau Claire if people think this in ANYTHING like authentic Italian. The meals taste just like what you could microwave at home, and probably are. I went here as a child and remembered it as being good...of course I was nuts for McDonalds then too. As an adult I took another couple there, and was so embarrassed that I kept apologizing for suggesting it, and insisted I buy their meal. AVOID.


I have always enjoyed eating at Drags! Last time I nearly ordered the eggplant parmesan and on a whim ordered the 21-glove garlic pasta instead. Wish I hadn't done that! It was very bland to me, and that is saying a lot because I'm mostly Norwegian and usually prefer bland food to overly flavored things, haha. That one instance aside, the rest of the food I've had there has been excellent and service is always outstanding! The pizza is to die for if you love thin crust, and their calamari is excellent!


I love Draganetti's Italian food and they have the best stuffed shells that I have ever had. I would reccomend this to anyone who is looking for athentic italian food at a high end restuarnt. The atmosphere isn't prefarble!