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A Mexican restaurant featuring a festive vibe and all of your south-of-the-border favorites, including seafood, fajitas, chimichangas, and more. On Mondays margaritas are only 99 cents. There is a separate bar attached. Vegetarian friendly.

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Great Mexican food. Wonderful service and atmosphere...almost makes me think I'm in Mexico.


Best Mexican in the Chippewa valley as far as food (only slightly ahead of Cancun). Can't go wrong with the fajitas.


By far my favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. There is no dancing around the issue no fancy building, just outstanding food. They have the best enchiladas I have ever eaten hands down.


Tell you what, take one star from every other mexican place in the valley and add it to these guys rating, and that might give a picture of how much better this restaurant is than the others. I live in EC, and it is well worth the drive for the best authentic Mexican food in the valley. Manny's and Tacos Juanita are great, too, but this place has it all. Their burritos are awesome, and I have been a burrito guy for years, but the Quesadilla Casa Mexicana is the witch's t*t! This place is the BEST!


They had the absolute best meal I have ever gotten at one of the Mexican restaurants in the area now, not counting Manny's. I would definitely go back and recommend the place to anyone.