Irvine Depot Pub and Grill

A local hangout complete with jukebox, a few TVs, and beer signage. Enjoy the outdoor patio in the summer and happy hour weekdays 4 to 6pm. There's always free popcorn, peanuts, and pretzels, plus pool and darts. They serve frozen pizzas and have six taps.

Average: 4.00
Out of 10 Reviews

 • Live Music

 • Karaoke

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Irvine Depot Pub and Grill
130 Fleet St.
Chippewa Falls, WI



I totally love this place! I stopped in with my a bunch of my friends last weekend and had the time of my life. I had a burger basket, and whatever they put on the buns is to die for! The homemade fries were some of the best I've ever had. The juke box has an awesome selection of music and the drinks were very reasonable for price. Met the owner, and she is a blast! major kudos to Eisold's Irvine Bar! Will most def be back for more good times and good food!


Eisold's Irvine Bar you guys keep up what ur doin!! Sounds like some people need to grow up if u look on here the only time they ever put a review on here is now some1 is out to get sasy i love your steak n shrimp and your fish is great and omg ur wings ...yummy!


Kinda funny Houston and Weiserbud my family is out here alot and i never once herd 1 bad thing about there food! We eat there ofter and its yummy! Sounds like u have some beef with some1 there? For 80's nite the last time they did that was like 2 years ago so that should tell the people what the problem is??


Awful service, bad food and the bartender Bells(?) was more interested in playing the video slot machines than tending to customers. and i also think it's pretty sad that out of 6 reviews two of them were written by the owners moonie and eiceman.


The service was extremely under par. The bar was dirty. It would be an excellent place to send your in-laws. The steak was dry and I would go as far as saying freezer burnt and out of date. Everything from the drinks to the poor food was overpriced. The 80’s night was a joke unless you like the company of a bartender who has no experience. It’s also a little sad the michell (moonie) has to give herself props. Mike is never there, he has nothing to do with that place. I think he bought it for her just to get her out of the house. I have also been there for the Friday fish fry, I wouldn’t let my neighbors cat touch it. I would definitely NOT recommend this establishment to a friend.