The Grand Illusion

This college crowd hangout is known for their specialty drink – the Delusion – the contents of which are unknown to all but the bartenders. It's blue and fruity – that's all you really need to know. With two levels (the open balcony on the second level looks out onto the rest of the bar, under which there are cozy booths), seating options abound. Don't miss out on the free popcorn, pool, darts, pinball machine, touchscreen games, and foosball. Eight beers on tap and 30 specialty brews. The Delusion was voted Best Specialty Drink for seven straight years by V1 readers.

Average: 3.75
Out of 4 Reviews

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 • Eau Claire Water Street

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The Grand Illusion
418 Water St.
Eau Claire, WI



Great during the week or early in the night before all the drunk college kids ruin it with their calls for Delusions.


Chill, quirky, cool place. Decent prices. If you're messed up and bored, sit in the balcony seats and read the strange shit written all over the ceiling. The dankness keeps out the majority of typical college morons, tho a few do leak in still.


Perhaps my favorite bar on Water St. First timers must try out a Delusion (they'll knock your socks off). It has a great chill and relaxed feel to the place. Definately must check it out.


When you first walk in, with the dim lights and warm temperature, it seems like the kind of place mushrooms would hang out. But whether it’s the intimate booths, chill music, or stiff drinks, eventually the place grows on you and becomes a solid choice among friends for relaxing conversation, nudie photo hunt, and a Delusion or two.