Galloway Grille

Whether you pull up a seat at a high table, a booth, the patio, or right up at the bar, you'll know Galloway Grille for its historic downtown decor and menu of pub fare. 15 rotating taps and specialty beers on hand. Get your happy hour taps from 2-5pm Tuesday through Thursday, or order half-price appetizers at the bar 2-5pm Tuesday through Thursday. New drinks and cocktails made seasonally.

Average: 3.36
Out of 33 Reviews

Galloway Grille
409 Galloway St.
Eau Claire, WI

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A casual diner-style eatery where you can get three square meals a day. Interior is decked out in history and memorabilia of downtown Eau Claire. Known for great burgers, breakfasts, wraps, and more. Check out their lunch and dinner specials, different every day. All you can eat breakfasts from Wednesday-Sunday with breakfast specials on the weekend. Happy hour appetizers from 2-5pm, Tue-Fri. Vegetarian friendly, outdoor seating.

 • Brunch

 • Outdoor Seating

 • Late Night Eats

 • Vegetarian Friendly

 • Fish Fry

 • Birthday Specials

 • American Casual

 • Bar & Grill

 • Breakfast

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This is my favorite place to eat. I have been there more times than I can count and have never ordered anything that didn't come out fabulous. The burgers are the best you will ever have, they have great reubens, walleye, steak, quesadillas, and the specials are wonderful. The atmosphere is great too. My only complaint is that the orders come out really slow, sometimes I can't understand how it can so long to cook a burger.... but I like to hang out and gab and have a few drinks so it doesn't bother me! I really don't understand the previous reviewers who say the food is bad, or even average.. Like I stated earlier, I have always LOVED the food as have the diners I have been with!


We stopped at Galloway Grille for the first time on Monday evening for their 2 for 1 burger special. Good experience... prompt and friendly service, some creative burger offerings. We had the almond/swiss and swiss & mushroom selections and both were tasty; a little more done than the medium-well we each ordered, but still juicy and flavorful. We plan to go back again.


We have gone to the Galloway Grill a few times recently on Sunday mornings. The wait staff has done a good job getting us the menus and drinks and taking our order. However, then the wait begins. And it goes on. For almost an hour.. Last time, there were three tickets up when we ordered, and it still took almost an hour. This was the third time that we had an issue with the time to get our food. The week before we left a comment for the owner because of the long wait. The note we left this time was that we were not coming back. I have mostly loved the food. I just cannot stand waiting an hour to get it!


I wrote a bad review about 2 months ago and I figured I'd better make it right. I decided to try the Galloway Grill again and the food was excellent and the service was much improved. Just to make sure this was not a fluke I've gone back twice more and both times: excellent service and food. Maybe it was the summer help (the servers seemed very inexperienced) but since September it seems like this place has turned around. It gets my vote at the best burger in Eau Claire, much better than Mogie's. I'm also a big fan of their beer fries and buffalo chicken sandwich. I am still too scared to try that Chicken Caesar Wrap again, though.


I will never give the Galloway Grille my money if I can avoid it! We attmepted to order at work in downtown Eau Claire. Not only will they not deliver beyond Galloway St., they won't take lunch orders before 11:00 am-when lunches start at my office! There are plenty of other places in Eau Claire that will appreciate our business and meet the needs of downtown Eau Claire businesses.